Anna Fadicheva (EN)

By Irina Gasparini

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Photo de Anna Fadianna.

Anna Fadicheva was born in Moscow. “…my father was a photojournalist and he often took my brother and me along on walks with his Moscow brand camera. He taught me how to develop and print the photos we have taken. It was this lively, pulsating reminder of the past which shaped my professional choices in life. After completing school, I enrolled at the Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), in the camera department to join the legendary Vadim Yusov and the cameraman Andrey Tarkovsky.  In my student films “Moscow from dawn to dusk”,  “Fragment” and  “Dust”, even then the main themes of my work were the transience and the evanescence of time.”

The cycle of photographs “The shabby wheels of time” cannot be attributed to any particular genre. These photographs are a metaphor of time. In the past, timepieces beat the rhythm of a bygone age. Time passed, the clocks wore down their cogs and motion stopped. The rhythm disappeared, silence was created.

“And the wheels of time grind to dust from friction, everything in the world is ruined from frictions… and then time was offended – and the lighthouses of time froze…”: like in the song of Vladimir Vysotsky.

The cycle of photographs “Reflection in water” – is a reflection on the theme of a “parallel world”, where there is also a place for time and space. It is a fragile and transient world. The real world is no less beautiful and fragile. All of these elements have a meaning in the reflected world: sky, earth, plants. The water surface collects the sky and joins with it in one circle, where, in their conflict, they create unrepeatable images of the real world.

Anna Fadicheva: “In my work, I talk about my image of the world. It is that kind of world in which each of us would like to live, without hustle and bustle and without the need to follow time. My works are allegorical about life and about all the transforms within space. I challenge you not to miss the opportunity to stop and look around and to not fear to admit that the world, unlike us, is eternal.”


The work of photographer Anna Fadicheva does not fit within the framework of one single genre. Sky reflected in the water. The rings of time on exposed stumps. A bouquet of flowers which look like a shadow which grows, you only have to glance at the sun. A crack in a century’s old boulder. In terms of form, these are landscapes and still life.

However, in essence, these representations are portraits of nature. And in a broader sense – the world, time, life. There is a difference between “looking” and “seeing”. The photographer Anna Fadicheva sees and tells about her vision of the world. She talks about that world in which every one of us would like to live, but no, we do not live there because we always find some justification for the hustle and bustle of our lives with contemporary rhythms, technologies, expectations. In Anna’s work, the simplicity of the composition and the theme are disarming. They have pretention of being a superman or a conqueror.

Here you won’t find the usual aggression from the author. However, there is a brief observation of what was created before you and what will be after you. It is impossible to be genuinely happy in society where the concept of “dominatrix” dictates the whole relationship with oneself, people around you, the world as a whole. Anna does not participate in this concept. She stands behind her own: not being afraid to be sentimental; not missing the opportunity to stop and look around and don’t be afraid to admit that the world, unlike us, is eternal. In the rush of daily life, we win hours and lose time In Anna’s photo work, there truly is no speed but there is a deep inward journey into the essence of things.

Those who have known Anna for many years, even from the time of her studies at the main Russian school of cinema (VGIK), remember her exclusively as a happy person, almost incredibly happy. These photos contained hidden prompts from the artist: the all have to do is use of vision to fall in love with life and want to live it. You too can share in the vision of an absolutely happy person.

– Inna Sekste

screenwriter, film critic