Based in Switzerland, Geneva lake Region, the Gasparini Art Gallery, both an art gallery and a site to find information on global contemporary artists. The main idea behind our project is the promotion of fine arts.

We have our own system of evaluating art, which does not even pretend to be objective. We take into consideration the opinions of experts who are well-known in the art world, and when considering an artist, we will take into the account various events that he or she may have participated in.

On this site, we do not restrict ourselves to particular genre or style of art and represent many different art forms. The main criterion for our selection is the quality and originality of a piece. To this end, both young and renowned artists – who have already made their mark in the art world – are represented here.

Our aim is thus to provide you with the necessary information which empowers you to navigate the world of art. We will introduce you to the lives and works of the most renowned artists of our times.


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    If you like one of the artworks we advertise on Gasparini Art Gallery, we will provide you with the highest levels of customer service in order to facilitate an easy purchase of the artwork. We will provide a quick, hassle-free and high quality service to meet your purchase requirements. You are guaranteed complete confidentiality of purchase. You can also choose the most convenient method of payment. The purchased artwork will be delivered to any address you specify without delay. As every artwork is an original and valuable piece of art, we pay utmost attention as to how we package and deliver the artwork to the customer. Our goal is to deliver your purchased artwork in perfect condition.